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meningeal artery in the patron. casey would know nothing about the meningeal artery, a unique kind of condition, but the nurse might. a nurse might, how would-- >> yeah, because they have patients who come in with ruptures of the meningeal arteries, a purely medical term that casey wouldn't know. >> i don't think the jury is going to care. >> and chloroform and chlorophyll. they've never proven chloroform as a cause of death. >> we've never had a baby killed or murdered using chloroform. >> there's always a first. >> of course there's always a first. it's never proven before and why would you do it when it takes hours to make it and the smell and easily found in autopsy. >> and chloroform decompetition. >> the suggestion-- >> one of the 5,000 questions that are sort of unanswered in this case.
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when we come back, the one question we were wondering a week ago today, why was the trial halted so mysteriously? well, we're going to show you why and what happened. it surprised, i think, everybody. >> hello i'm here at camp leather neck, afghanistan, want to say happy 4th of july especially to my grandpa, elmer swenson and go twins! plus, don't miss our free family summer camp. find out more at... carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candbar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recnition. fiber one.
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>> neil: welcome back to our coverage of the casey anthony trial. they're in recess just for today. closing arguments will be tomorrow and we'll be covering it live here on the fox news channel and then jurors will begin deliberating the fate of the accused casey anthony. but it was a week ago today, we were expecting a slew of seven or eight witnesses and
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suddenly, the judge mysteriously called a halt to the process. we tried to figure out, we had the same panel here a week ago today this time, what was going on? was it juror misconduct of some sort? did one side or the other of this case forget to or neglect to or intentionally not give pivotal material to the other side as they're rekwoo i remembered under florida law? guess what, it was something quite different as we found out bright and early monday morning. here is judge belvin perry. on saturday, the defense filed a motion to determine competency to proceed. based upon that motion, the court ordered the defendant to be examined by three psychologists to determine her competency to proceed. based upon the reports that the court has reviewed, the court will find that the defendant is competent to
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continue to proceed. >> gregg: it's very unusual. she had to be examined over the weekend by three professionals to declare that she, a, understood the charges against her and b, could assist in other defense, which is the legal standard for competency. normally, that's made before the trial even begins, but here, it happened, curiously, just before the end of the defense case. so, janna, invites the question, was it forgotten by the defense in the first place? or was it done relative to her deciding not to take the witness stand? >> it had to be the latter, because like you said, where did this come from? normally it happens well in advance of trial. i've never heard of a case where somebody might become incompetent during the course of their trial, whether it's 30 days or a year long. so, i think it was-- it had to have something to do with whether she was going to take the stand or not. >> gregg: peter, what do you think.
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>> it highlights the strategy of defense counsel. i was anticipated and expecting at that they had their own psychiatrist who examined the defendant who would come forth with testimony with regard to the examination and say to this jury, let me explain to you what was going on in this woman's mind after the death of her child. and why she acted in the fashion that she did. >> gregg: sure. >> instead, they put on some kind of strange, but i guess capable brief expert who had never spoken to the defendant, never spoken to casey anthony. that i found to be incredible. >> gregg: how can a grief expert render an opinion on the defendant's alleged grief if they never talked? >> not very credibly. and basically what this grief expert got on the stand to say was that any reaction that you could possibly come up with, any hypothetical posed, sure, that could be consistent with real grief, but i think makes the jury just turn their heads and say, okay, enough. >> gregg: i want to move
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forward now to what happened on june 28th, inside the courtroom. remember the opening statement by the defense attorney, jose baez, who referred to the meter reader, roy cronk, as morally bankrupt? well, cronk took the witness stand and here is what he said. >> i still didn't think it was real. so, i very gently took it and put it into the right eye socket and i gently pivoted up and looked down and realized what it was and i set it down as gently as i could and went up and called my area supervisor. >> and it's your testimony that you put that stick in the eye socket of the skull and lifted it up to be sure what it was. >> yes, sir, i apologize for doing so, but like i said i did not know what it was. >> the defense tried to argue that this fellow, moved the body and manipulated the body and in some ways relative to forensics, dr. bodden, that's
10:39 am
important relative to the duct tape, right? >> yes, absolutely. because what's happened, and it brings up the point that in the six months the body was there, water, storms, animal activity, as well as roy cronk, has changed that scene around and there's a lot of other debris in the area. where did the duct tape come and the fact that there's some duct tape next to the hair or something has less significance. it isn't a virgin scene, obviously and things have been moved around in many ways. >> gregg: so it sort of ruins the prosecution's argument that chlorophyll-- chloroform killed-- >> you're shaking your head. >> i think that-- the bottom time there was a duct tape over a baby's skull attached to her hair. right there, there's no other
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reasonable inference or way of proof whether it was pushed around by animal, water, other than someone placed it there to stop her from breathing. >> it confused the heck out of me, cronk, cronk's son, investigators walking around on the same place, psychics sent by the mother maybe not. it sounded like a david lynch movie. >> gregg: it got betterment one more clip from cronk, because cronk took a lot of money for his story and did that motivate him to allegedly move the body? take a listen. >> and, sir, on any of those conversations that you had, did you tell him that you were going to be famous? >> i don't believe so. >> did you at any time tell him you were going to be rich? >> no, sir. >> any words to that effect at
10:41 am
all, that you were going to make money? >> not really, no, sir. >> not really. does not really mean yes? >> we were talking about when he got out of the coast guard him and i possibly going into business together, but other than that, not really. >> gregg: he took thousands of dollars for his story, does that diminish his credibility? >> no, that's going to be the implication brought forth by the defense, i suspect we'll hear his name a lot when jose baez makes it and the other people that possibly could have something to do with the death of this child. >> and with all the evidence about the duct tape and referred to, the medical examiner who did the examination, issued the death certificate, show did not find enough information to give a cause of death. spitz didn't find it. the only one who found it was an anthropologist who spoke well out of turn, who's never
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before been allowed to testify as to a cause of death. >> gregg: well, the defense always tries to create some sort of nefarious character or two or more to try to contribute to the creation of reasonable doubt. this would appear, roy cronk, to be their sort of bogeyman in this case. >> maybe they were right. it's possible the defense is ever right? >> yeah, as a former attorney, occasional occasionally. we're going to take a break and when we come back george anthony took center stage yet again this week. there were a lot of tears and a lot of accusations. we're going to show to you in a moment. . >> my name is paul gravely from petersburg, virginia at camp shelby, mississippi trying to go to afghanistan. happy 4th of j you will and a shout out to wife stephanie and my son elijah. i love you very much.
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>> george anthony was back on the witness stand this week talking about how heart breaking it was for him to lose his beloved granddaughter caylee anthony and at one point in time he said he became so despondent. he took a couple of bottles of medication and alcohol, checked into a motel, intended to try to kill himself. here he is on standard. >> why that particular day i picked out, i don't know. all i know my emotional state even through today is-- is very hard to accept i don't have a granddaughter anymore, but for that particular day, i don't know, it felt the right time to go and be with caylee. >> well, here is part of his fairly lengthy and rambling suicide note. i blame myself for her,
10:47 am
caylee, being gone. casey does not belong where she is. i am stupid. i am sorry. now, peter, will the defense, during closing arguments, read portions of that, refer to portions of it and suggest that george anthony may have had a role in the death of his granddaughter? >> huge, could be read as a confession, confession of neg dependent in the accidental drowning of the child. >> gregg: do you think that-- >> hard to know, as a juror, we never heard, but i think it's huge piece of testimony. everyone is saying, well, the suicide note proves a the-- lot of things that it wasn't an accident and i don't know that it does and i think it's going to be exploited to a great, great degree. especially taken with the assertion of lying with regard to the mystery. and those two things together.
10:48 am
>> gregg: and let's put that graphic back up on the screen if we can, because in fairness, i've taken certain portions of it. because it was incredibly long and kind of strung them together. during closing arguments you can kind of get away with that. so what make you of this? >> i think if you took that note by itself and those lines that you put up there, gregg, then i think that the defense might have a better shot of making something of it. but what i think will be done by the prosecution, quite effectively. they're going to take that coupled with his testimony and demeanor on the stand, particularly when he was testifying for the defense and say, here is a man who felt responsibility for his failings as a husband, a father, an and not talking molestation, but not being the person that moment he hoped to be who now had a granddaughter who was gone and heart of hearts although he held out hopes, believed she was dead and i don't think they're going to make much of it other than these are the incredibly strong feelings of a man under
10:49 am
the spotlight and just grieving at that point already. >> gregg: dr. bodden. >> yeah, one of the things i'd be concerned about, this wasn't a real suicide attempt. nobody commits suicide by taking too many high blood pressure pills and beer. >> gregg: but he doesn't know that. >> he's a cop, allegedly he investigated suicide and says he knows the smell of decomposition which cops really don't know. >> gregg: right. >> so, i think that a real suicide, lots of other pills, overdose, he knows you don't overdose on high blood pressure pills and beer. by the time you drink enough beer it comes out of your body. >> i think two beers in him. >> gregg: i with a nt-- want to pause and take a quick break. at one point shall the alleged mistress of george anthony took talked about the affair that they allegedly had and he
10:50 am
denied it. and we'll show you why that's important or not when we come back. for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> welcome back to our coverage of the casey anthony murder trial. in the case that is filled with not surprises, but incredibly strange moments,
10:54 am
this had to be among the oddest of all. this is lee anthony, the brother of the accused on the witness stand, crying about the birth of his niece, the victim in this case, take a listen. >> i was -- i was very angry at my mom and i was also angry at my sister, i was just angry at everyone in general that they didn't -- they didn't want to include me and -- and didn't find it important enough to tell me. >> gregg: we got kind of flooded with e-mails of folks saying, why is he crying? can you make this out? >> i'm just going to say it, it's creepy and i think it goes along with the very loose theory that there was sexual abuse in this family, whether
10:55 am
it's from the father, from the brother, against casey. i think jose is going to try to tie those strings together. >> gregg: didn't he deny it? i mean. >> deny it, but seems to me pure orchestrated theaterics, i think that's what they were going for, although we can't talk about it, but because it was so odd and casey at the same time had the tears going, and they had she tear when they talked about the meter reader's stick in her daughter's skull and i think it was orchestrated. >> gregg: he cried, she cried, mom cried, dad cried. >> and talked about the instances in the beginning of the hour and jurors and viewers have to draw their reasonable inferences from what they saw. >> gregg: from tears. >> almost the untoward, reaction, he was not included somehow, which raises the question, why did he have a right to be included as if he
10:56 am
were the father or grandmother or grandfather rather than just the sibling-- >> to back up, peter, the fbi was asked to do a paternity test on him. that's in evidence and could that be brought up by the defense. >> gregg: and should point out your wife, linda bodden once worked on the team here. were they lovers or not? george denies it. river cruise, that's her working name, yes, oh, yes, we had quite an affair and then george told me the death of his granddaughter was an accident and it snowballed out of control. does that create reasonable doubt? we'll talk about it. s s s s ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪
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